• Michael Broadway

    Michael Broadway

  • Melissa Thompson

    Melissa Thompson

    CEO | TalkSession | Healthcare Tech Innovator | Mental Health Advocate | Journalist | Quantified Self Enthusiast | http://t.co/3CBKx9R4Bk | Word Nerd

  • Melissa Thompson

    Melissa Thompson

    Cancer-fighter, mom, healthcare innovator,

  • Lena Feygin

    Lena Feygin

    Founder of Relationships Research Institute, Managing Partner at the Meaning Formation Laboratory and a fun, life loving scientist and a mom :)

  • Tom Sullivan

    Tom Sullivan

    Editor-in-Chief of Healthcare IT News (@HealthITNews). I write the Innovation Pulse column and cover mHealth, medical practices, gov't policy, emerging tech.

  • The Myna Bird

    The Myna Bird

    We believe in optimisation!

  • Christopher Bush

    Christopher Bush

  • Richard David Jordan

    Richard David Jordan

    Physicist by education, Hacker by choice, Entrepreneur by compulsion. Founder & CEO App.Co... 'He's a gentleman, a scholar and an acrobat'.

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