Chambers County EMS Leads Texas By Successfully Submitting COVID-19 Vaccination Data to Texas Immunization Registry (ImmTrac2)


Anahuac, TX & Concord, CA (February 23, 2021): As it preps to resume COVID-19 vaccination efforts following an historic snow-and-ice emergency, Chambers County EMS in Texas is proud to announce that it has successfully completed an upload of public health COVID-19 vaccination data to the Texas ImmTrac2 immunization registry, despite concerns that such data collected by Mobile Medical (Fire & EMS) agencies would not be accepted by the state’s online database. The county and its technology partner, Beyond Lucid Technologies, received guidance from the Texas Department of State Health Services regarding the upload process. A crowdsourced social media effort helped identify resources to complete this long-sought goal.

To support Fire, Emergency Medical Services and Public Health agencies, Beyond Lucid Technologies has launched a website — — where organizations seeking an intuitive method to register, schedule appointments, send notifications, and follow-up with at-risk patients can subscribe to use a proven application that is deployable in as little as 24 hours and was built with input from a wide range of clinicians. advanced from relevant concept to first successful deployment in just four (4) days, according to Ron Nichols, Chambers County EMS Director and Emergency Services Coordinator, who confirmed the successful data upload on February 17, 2021. Chief Nichols said: “With the assistance of Chambers County Public Health and Beyond Lucid Technologies, Chambers County EMS was able to extract our data from 340 vaccinations, upload it to Immtrac2 and it was accepted. From the registration process, to vaccination administration to data upload was flawless and saved valuable time to allow us to focus on our mission of vaccinating as many people as possible with the supply allocated to us.”

The model is paperless and technology-first, capturing details about the patient’s risk factors and insurance while reducing the need for paper cards (except for patients without a phone or email, who can have a confirmation printed on-site). News outlets including CNBC have implicated the white CDC cards, which are often posted on social media to advocate for the COVID-19 vaccines, in cases of identity theft. Subscriptions costs just $1 per shot ($2 per pair), or as much as 80% LESS than comparable systems used by other states, and it is not limited to COVID-19: Beyond Lucid Technologies will expand its range to include other infectious diseases and immunizations. The second agency to adopt the model of registration, scheduling, notifications, and follow-ups is Chester County EMS in South Carolina.

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