VaxRegistration is deployed in Texas, Vermont, South Carolina, Los Angeles County, and Louisiana, where East Baton Rouge Parish EMS is the first Mobile Medical agency to send consumable data to LINKS, the state’s immunization registry. Data are uploaded to vaccine registries as HL7 v2.5.1 records. *Coming soon: Firefighter rehabilitation and SUD interventions.

Chambers County EMS alongside other Mobile Medical crews deployed to El Paso to aid COVID-19 response. PHOTO CREDIT: Courtney Whitney (23 October 2020)

To support Chambers County EMS’s COVID-19 emergency deployment, all hospitals affiliated with the Southwest Texas Regional Advisory Council (STRAC) were connected to the MEDIVIEW BEACON Prehospital Health Information Exchange. Supports all NEMSIS-compliant ePCRs. Records shared with the hospital are consumable by electronic health record systems.

Use as standalone charting and interoperability platform — or layer onto ANY NEMSIS-compliant ePCR now deployed in the field.

Beyond Lucid Technologies proudly announces three important innovations before we close out 2020 — ahead of 2021, a year that promises much evolution for the Mobile Medical industry:

1. By demand from partner-clients that are administering COVID-19 vaccines, we have built the vaccine codes into MEDIVIEW, plus a report that outputs a “roster billing” report for use by your agency and/or your billing firm to submit to CMS for compensation.

Non-prescriptive guidance provides an extensive list of questions for agencies to serve their communities while keeping personnel safe. CoMMP also published its organizational response to the “EMS Education Agenda for the Future.”
Download for free —
  • COVID-19 Immunization Questions & Cautions: Non-Prescriptive Guidance Inspired by Checklists is urgent, offering an extensive list of questions that Mobile Medical agencies should ask of themselves…

As COVID-19 innovation bubbles to the surface around the world, what agency — governmental or otherwise — will rise to link our islands of success and reduce costly redundancy?

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Some might call it a prayer. Remembering why I do the work I do.

A Response to the NEMSIS / P.W.W. White Paper on HIPAA

Patient care includes self-care: If you go down, we all go down. #UNITY #UnitedInService #UnitedWeService

The Mobile Medical trade media should highlight health-and-wellness initiatives that serving care providers *themselves* with at least as much vigor as they highlight innovations that serve the public.

Jonathon Feit

Beyond Lucid Tech CEO. Software to connect First Responders with care facilities. Served in White House OMB. Advocate for rights of fellow disabled Americans.

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